Faith Bible Mission

serving New World School in Fonds Parisien, Haiti

It is quite an honor to have you visit us today. We are excited by the things that our Lord is doing through this ministry. We are devoted to serving our Lord through what He has graciously laid in our care.

Through this site, you will be able to stay informed with all things concerning Faith Bible Mission. Our mission is to help the impoverished people of Fonds-Parisien in many areas. Our biggest project right now is to build up the people, starting with the children, by providing social, economic, and spiritual education. We are currently in the process of building a school building to provide more adequate housing for the school that is currently in a house and other pavilions.The Land has already been purchased and the foundation has been laid.  We are simply looking to gather the materials to complete this project of building New World School.

Your help is greatly needed. We will never accomplish our goals without your help. Whether it be in prayer support, or financial support, WE NEED YOU!

Please feel free to browse our site, and be sure to visit the 'Donate' area to see how you can help us!


BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE:  We have part of the foundation completed.  Will you join us in finishing it?

The New World School in Fond Parisien, Haiti, was started in 2006 by some of the young people from the church where Smith Noel had been pastor for about 25 years. The school includes grades K-6 currently with a new grade being added each year. They are using the lower level of Smith’s house and an additional small building that houses two classes. The attendance at the school went from around 30 students to over 300 students since the earthquake and as you will notice from the pictures there is no space for this many students.  We have begun construction of a building at a different location.  A nearly 200 feet hand dug well is completed with a small pump house constructed over it.  The foundation has been completed with the help of a work crew that came from the states in January of 2014.  The next step is to prep the floor and begin laying the block walls.